Stuart V. Schmitt

About me

I am a geophysicist residing in Houston, TX. From December 2014 through October 2015, I worked for Chevron Energy Technology Company in the R&D division. I was hired to work on integration of geomechanics and geophysics with emphasis on subsurface hazards, but the oil price collapse scuttled that plan. Currently, I am working on some remaining research tasks from my graduate study while I search for new employment.

Before making the leap into the energy industry, I completed a Ph. D. at Stanford University Geophysics Department in the Crustal Deformation and Fault Mechanics group. My research there examined the frictional behavior of faults as slip nucleates and transitions into seismic rupture. To that end, I developed numerical models that couple elasticity and frictional sliding to shear heating and diffusion of heat and pore pressure.

For my MS at the University of Wisconsin, I used GPS data to study the 2003 Tecomán, Mexico earthquake.


Ph. D., Geophysics, 2014, Stanford University

MS, Geophysics, 2005, University of Wisconsin-Madison

BA, Physics, 2001, Lawrence University

Publications and presentations


Public presentations are listed on a separate page.


General Motors Entertainment and Comfort serial busUPDATED 1 MAY 2016—This page presents information that I have learned as part of an ongoing project to reverse-engineer one of the serial busses found in one of my cars.

Battery replacement for Triplett 631 vacuum tube voltmeter—This multimeter/VTVM was originally powered by two 22.5 V batteries that are no longer available. I designed a method to power it with an array of 30 AAAA batteries.

Apple MagSafe DC auto/airline adapter—I have developed a solution for powering an Apple MacBook or MacBook Pro from a 12 VDC car cigar lighter or a 15 VDC airline in-seat EmPower connector. Parts cost less than $100 and some soldering is required.

Automotive information—I am somewhat of an automotive enthusiast; I occasionally post something car-related on my web page. Lately, I have not had much time to update this information, so it mostly reflects cars I do not have anymore.

Contact information and online identities

Email: stuart(at)
LinkedIn: stuartschmitt
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GitHub: svschmitt
Disqus: Stu_Rock
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ORCID: 0000-0002-4302-0269