Replacement defroster grille for a Buick Century

Painted grille
  1. The problem: a broken defroster grille.
  2. The solution: a brand new grille from GM SPO (part 10210435, list price $13.70).
  3. But it needs to be painted. I needed
    1. Latex paint, eggshell sheen, color-matched to medium dark adriatic blue by the helpful people at Menards,
    2. A paint sprayer, and
    3. Primer
  4. First step: clean the grille with isopropyl alcohol.
  5. Second step: apply the primer.
  6. Third step: load the paint sprayer with a mixture of 75% paint and 25% water.
  7. Fourth step: apply a few coats of paint.
  8. Let the paint dry. A heat gun helps.
  9. The painted grille can be seen above.
  10. Apply the felt speaker cover (my own modification to the car).
  11. The fully completed grille.
  12. Go out to the car and get ready to install it.
  13. The grille has been installed. View from above.

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