The following parts could probably be used to convert the rear brakes in an A-body car from drums to discs.

Quantity Description AC Delco Wagner Raybestos Cardone Best price

1Brake caliper, left 18S413 CR116928RWC5547 184238A105.79
1Brake caliper, right 18S414 CR116927RWC5548 184237A105.79
2Caliper bolts 18K104 F108725?H5030 5.63
2Brake rotors 18A151 BD60725 5074 11.59
1Set of brake pads 17D262M MX262 PGD262M 34.79
1Brake hose, left 18J1035 F118426?BH38015612.43
1Brake hose, right 18J1036 F118427?BH38015712.43
1Parking brake cable, left 18P627 F111059 BC93535 13.40
1Parking brake cable, right18P784 F108911 BC93745 17.46
2Hardware kit 18K259 H5574? H5574 6.54
Spring kit 179-1055 NO CAT

The following probably need to come from a junkyard:
1Caliper mount, left
1Caliper mount, right

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