Leaky plastic valve covers on Chevrolet 60° V6 engines

New left valve cover
  1. The problem: a leaky left (front) valve cover. This was a common problem on early 90s Chevrolet V6s that were manufactured with plastic valve covers.
  2. The solution: TSB 47-61-35—"Oil leak at the rocker cover"
  3. The part: a brand new cover from GM SPO (part 24504669 or 89017415, list price $53.26).
    1. Top view.
    2. Underside view.
  4. First step: Remove the engine torque strut, also called the "dogbone."
  5. Second step: Remove the plastic valve cover.
  6. Third step: Clean the gasket mating surface of the cylinder head.
  7. Fourth step: Apply some RTV sealant to the point where the head, intake manifold, and valve cover meet..
  8. Install the new valve cover; torque each bolt to 10 N·m.
  9. Reinstall the torque strut.
  10. The job is done.
  11. The right (rear) valve cover does not leak in this car, so it will not yet be replaced. Its part number is 24504670.

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